Flower Duck Plush Doll – Heavendolls


【Name】: Flower Duck Plush Doll – Heavendolls
【Brand】: Heaven Dolls
【Fabric】: Short Plush
【Filling】: Down Cotton
【Color】: Yellow,Purple
【Size】: 35cm,40cm,55cm
【Weight】: 160g,260g,440g

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★ On the issue of hair removal

Dear, do you find that you have lost your hair after receiving the goods Please don’t worry, the plush toy itself does not shed,Because it is a new product, it will be a little floating and filled with fibers,
After you get it, you will pat it a few times and shake it a few times to remove the puffy hair

★ On the issue of size

All babies are measured in kind, and the plush toys themselves are soft and will have a certain error (about 3 cm)

★ On the issue of packaging

We use plush evacuation equipment to evacuate packaging, because the plush toys themselves are relatively large. Only after the evacuation can better protect the product, so when you receive the product is slightly smaller than described or a little wrinkled, please don’t be surprised, because this is a normal phenomenon, shake a few times after opening, expose to the sun for half an hour, and recover immediately!

Toy highlights

Made of high-quality super-soft fabrics to ensure that the color does not fade. Filled with 3-dimensional PP cotton, the color is white, the filling is full, the workmanship is exquisite, and the stitch length and margin of the sewing pieces are all produced in accordance with the foreign trade export standards, and there will be no bursting. The fit is beautiful and the workmanship is exquisite.

Washing instructions

Part of the cleaning when you use a dry cloth (if necessary),use a mind detergent,To focus on style clear stain,then dry.

  • 1. The warm into the poor
  • 2. into the neutral detergent
  • 3. into the water and gently rub the pillow
  • 4. Remove the rinse carefully with warm water
  • 5. with a towel to squeeze out the water
  • 6. Adjust pillow prototype
  • 7. in the sun exposue
  • 8. once again wool comb

Additional information


35cm, 40cm, 55cm


Yellow, Purple


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