Waldorf Doll Handmade Baby Doll-Joey

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Heavendolls is known for handmade dolls and Waldorf dolls. Our dolls are crafted by experienced craftsmen from high quality natural materials for softness, comfort and safety. Each doll has personality and charm. Whether as a collectible or as a gift, Heavendolls’s dolls can bring you a happy and warm experience.

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The product on the picture is used to show the effect, you are buying the same doll as the picture above, and the small dolls, flowers and background books around the doll picture are not for sale!

This product is suitable for children over 3 years old, not suitable for infants and young children.
Please ensure doll has no small parts to swallow to avoid potential choking hazard.
Please avoid exposing the doll near heat or fire.
Our products contain hand-dyed wool yarn, wool, polyester, spandex, acrylic, polyester fibers,
please ensure that children will not be allergic to these substances.

More about me:
• I am 30 cm (11.8 inches) tall.
• I weigh about 0.18 kg without the packaging, which means I can be better accompanied.
• I am handmade with great attention to detail which means I am unique!
• My hands can go up so I can hug you.
• My legs also swivel, which means I can stand or sit, which is handy after a long day of adventure!
• All my clothes are handmade and can be taken apart and washed. Yes, dolls like to be clean too!
• I’m designed for children ages 3 and up. This is because I include some widgets such as eyes and buttons.
What am I made of:
• My stuffing is certified polyester oval, which is woven specifically for sewing dolls. Basically… I’m cute and tender!
• My body and face are made of tricot cotton which is hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX® certified.
• My body does not contain any wood or metal, which means I am soft and safe to play with.
• My clothes are cotton, my jeans are polyester, and my jacket is if I decide to wear it.
• My hair is hand sewn. That means I look great with or without a hat. Hair can be braided,combed or styled however you like
How to take care of me:
• I prefer to hand wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with mild detergent.
• So are my clothes! If you want to dry my hair, use the cool air only.
• My hair is not suitable for heat or coloring (if synthetic)
• The name of this doll is for distribution purposes only. It’s neither on the doll nor on the box.

– Not easy to generate static electricity
– Relatively lighter than synthetic materials

Chromatic aberration:

due to shooting reasons, the product will have a certain chromatic aberration, we try to keep shooting without chromatic aberration.

4 reviews for Waldorf Doll Handmade Baby Doll-Joey

  1. Tibor Meier

    This Waldorf doll is very well-made and well-detailed. Measuring at 11.8 inches tall, you can carry it around. Its hands and legs can move, allowing it to hug and sit or stand. It’s made of natural and soft materials, including cotton, wool, and polyester. The clothes are removable for easy cleaning. It’s perfect for children 3 years and older as it doesn’t contain small parts.

  2. Carbonell Ashley

    This is a beautiful doll, but her eyes won’t close, so when you put her down, she just stares at you terrifyingly. But it doesn’t affect her. She’s very good-looking

  3. Fabby Richard

    My daughter loves cats and when she saw this she just had to have it. Super cute and the price was perfec

  4. Martin Pittack

    I bought this for my son to use on his way to school. It’s very useful. Simple and good!

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